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    The top 5 things dentists must know about trademarks

    Protecting your brand identity and reputation is key.


    Hiring a professional

    Hire a professional to do a trademark search.

    Prior to filing a trademark application, it is highly recommended you complete a trademark search. This helps to ensure that no other dentist has attempted to register a same or similar name, which could result in denial of your trademark application and/or receiving a cease and desist letter down the road. And this is one of those situations where hiring an attorney to assist you is important. The upfront investment you make can have a real difference in your end result. An experienced attorney is able to perform more comprehensive searches using specialized software that isn’t available to the masses, and also has real-world experience that can help you sidestep many of the issues that aren’t immediately apparent to the layperson.


    Josh Gerben
    Founder of the Gerben Law Firm, PLLC, Josh Gerben is a U.S. trademark attorney who has represented clients in more than 5,000 trademark ...


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