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    What happens when your practice runs on autopilot?

    When your front office suffers, your whole office suffers. Find out what you need to keep your practice healthy.

    Recently, we had an upset in our practice, and I thought sharing our experience might help others. I have been the office manager of my husband’s practice since 2002, but about two years ago I took a step back from running the office from day-to-day so I could focus on growing my own business, Front Office Rocks. I was still available to them on a high level and as needed, but I no longer managed the team, schedule or systems on a daily basis.

    Then, one week ago I got the call from my husband. Our junior office manager gave notice. Ok, that’s not good, but we can still manage with the remaining staff. Then, he called me again about two hours later. Another front office employee just gave notice. What the heck was going on there? It was time to head back in and see what was happening.

    After a very long and difficult day, one person walked out and the other was let go. We went from a front office staff of four (and we were in the process of trying to hire a fifth person) down to two people in a matter of a few hours. I sat there at the end of the day trying to process everything that had happened, and knew that though it seemed bleak right now, this would be one of those days in our career we would remember forever. The question, and decision we had to make, was: will it be remembered as negative or positive?

    One week later, I can happily say it is going to end up a positive memory, though we still have a huge hill to climb. The only thing to realize is that when things like this happen, there are always lessons to learn. Here are two lessons we have learned very clearly thus far:

    Up next: What went wrong and how to fix it

    Laura Hatch
    Laura Hatch is an Office Manager that has started and successfully grown two dental offices and is also the founder of Front Office ...


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