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    Why a marketing strategy is crucial for your practice

    Developing an effective marketing strategy can lead to patient acquisition and practice growth.

    I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Rob Ritter, who is one of the owners of Ritter & Ramsey General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Jupiter, Florida, to find out how he was able to grow his office into a thriving multimillion-dollar practice. Hopefully, reading about his experience can give you some insight into growing your own practice.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey in dentistry.

    Dr. RitterI graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 1994. Upon graduation, I moved back to Palm Beach County in Florida. I was an associate for two years before purchasing my practice. I was the owner and I had two different associates. Seven years later, I, along with one of the associates who became my business partner, purchased a building and built a brand-new office. We moved from a busy street to an area that was underdeveloped at the time but has since exploded with growth and development. We have been in this location now for 14 years.

    I began lecturing 18 years ago. As a young dentist, I spent countless hours acquiring CE credits, then took that information and started presenting it across the country in strategies that were easy to understand and implement. It taught me more about myself and my ability to learn and implement new ideas and techniques into my own practice.

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    What changes have you seen in dentistry and dental practice ownership in the time that you have been practicing?

    The biggest change must be technologies that have simplified the entire process of providing high-quality dentistry, from digital X-rays to intraoral cameras to chairside digital scanners. And then there’s monolithic zirconia crowns, all-in-one adhesives, and practice software like Dental Intel and Legwork that we use in our office. There have been so many advancements in technology! All of these technologies allow our office and other offices the ability to communicate quickly, efficiently and thoroughly so that the patient begins to understand and process what we can provide and facilitate in order to solve his or her problem or concern.

    As large DSOs and managed care have begun to take hold, it's more important than ever to provide a high level of patient-focused, customer service-driven dentistry to distinguish one’s private practice from the other business models.

    Make no mistake, these are business models that were not around years ago. Adapting to the changing economy is vital!

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    Adam Smith got his start in the dental industry working for a company called Dental Intel. He was their first data analyst and worked ...


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