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    Why service beats product and why that matters in your dental practice

    At a time when we have all been conditioned to lousy service in so many of our daily dealings, it is outstanding service that differentiates those who will succeed from those who will struggle.

    Last winter, my 2012 Mercedes convertible decided it did not like the cold weather.

    Whenever it was below 20 degrees, it would not start. Considering that this was the coldest winter in New York's history, it meant that my car was towed to the nearby Mercedes dealership on a weekly basis, sometimes more than once per week. Normally this would be a serious annoyance, to say the least. What made the experience tolerable was that a wonderful service representative at the Rallye Motors Dealership, Katie, was very responsive to my inconvenience and repeatedly provided me with immediate alternative transportation in the form of a loaner car, wherever I was stranded, in spite of the fact that I was not a customer of that dealership.

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    The fact that my car had to be towed to the dealership five times was frustrating but Katie managed to minimize the hardship with her great service. On Thursday, Feb. 5, I picked up my car from the dealership after work, assured it was "good to go," and I drove to a dinner meeting with one of our coaching clients in Poughkeepsie, NY, 128 miles from my office. It was a lengthy meeting, and we were the last table to leave the restaurant. As we left, the client drove off, and I went to my car to drive to my nearby hotel.

    The problem is that my Mercedes convertible, in spite of multiple repairs, prefers warm weather, and it was 9 degrees below zero. It would not start again. By the time I turned around, the restaurant had been closed and locked up, and I was the lone vehicle in the parking lot. I called Mercedes Benz roadside assistance and was told I would have to wait an hour for a technician.

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    Dr. Steven Katz
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