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Dr. John Flucke
Dr. John Flucke is in private practice in Lee’s Summit, Mo. He also serves as technology editor for Dental Products Report magazine and keeps an active blog filled with thoughts and tidbits on the world of technology at
Dr. John Flucke's 10 dental practice predictions for 2015

Each year, Dr. John Flucke shares his predictions for emerging and continuing dental industry trends in the coming year. Here are his predictions for 2015.

Dr. John Flucke's takeaways from the ADA Annual Session

This year's annual session in San Antonio featured the debut of many innovative new (and improved) products. In this months' edition of Technology Evangelist, we take a look at some of the products that really stood out.

Saving space for a more efficient operatory

Let's face it. As we add services to our patient treatment, the amount of space we have available in our operatories decreases.

DPR tech editor gives thumbs up to the DEXIS CariVu transilluminator

For years now, dentistry has been diagnosing, for the most part, interproximal decay in pretty much the exact same way. Since the introduction of the concept of the bitewing radiograph, the process of locating and diagnosing decay between the teeth has only gone through minor changes.

Cloudy with a chance of computing

In the last couple of years, almost every tech lover, from the casual user to the hardcore gear head, has been inundated with a serious dose of “The Cloud”.


The DPR Innovator Profiles 2014: Pushing our industry forward

Innovation drives our profession. Fortunately, dentistry has some amazing “renaissance” type of thinkers who are constantly problem solving from outside the box, inside the box, and under the box.

Dr. John Flucke: Looking forward, looking back on dental technology predictions for 2014

I was talking to my Group Editorial Director Kevin Henry the other day and he happened to mention that we are now closing in on the halfway point of 2014. Think about that for a minute, I’ll wait…

3 main steps for a proper infection control process

As a profession, we are charged with a very important mission — we need to provide the best possible care to our patients while doing it in an environment that ensures their safety.

Dr. John Flucke's 10 practice predictions for 2014

Dr. John Flucke takes a look at what the dental industry can expect in 2014.