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Dr. John Flucke
Dr. John Flucke is in private practice in Lee’s Summit, Mo. He also serves as technology editor for Dental Products Report magazine and keeps an active blog filled with thoughts and tidbits on the world of technology at
How to incorporate Google Voice in your dental practice

DPR Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke uses Google Voice to simplify communications both inside and outside of the dental office.

Articulating a fresh approach to back support

I absolutely love dentistry! It’s such a privilege to be able to help patients. I’m currently at a stage where patients I saw as children are bringing their children to see me. I consider the trust those people show in me to be one of the best things about working so hard to make sure people feel I’m providing the very best care.

Handpiece evolution

We’ve continued to see the evolution of the dental handpiece in the last few years. First it was the arrival of ProDrive ( and the turbine replacement system that uses a triangular chuck and a triangular bur shank to increase efficiency of the cut as well as the quality of the marginal preparation.

Rewrite the history books...the world is flat

Did you know Christopher Columbus didn’t really prove the Earth was round? It was actually the ancient Greeks in about 6 B.C. This is such a common misconception, that in 1945 the “Myth of the Flat Earth” was listed in a pamphlet produced by the Historical Association of Britain as being the No. 2 most common error in history.

Adventures in curing

In case your missed it, this adhesive dentistry thing is starting to catch on. Of course I’m kidding, but when was the last time you heard “bonding doesn’t work?” Adhesive dentistry has pretty much become the gold standard these days with many of us not even sure of the last time we placed a restoration that wasn’t bonded into place.
However, like everything else in dentistry, attention to detail is paramount in the recipe to ensure the longevity of bonded restorations.

Is your office caught in between?

As the push for digital patient records continues, more and more offices are embracing the concept of truly chartless technology. Once the infrastructure is in place, moving forward into chartless is easy, but some offices are concerned about the availability of radiographs that are still stored in their older analog charts. Although it isn’t necessary to convert all of your old paper records to digital charts, in some instances the doctor prefers having access to that information.

Top 100: Top Test Drives

DPR Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke is lucky enough to try numerous products out in his operatories. Here are five he put to work in 2011 that left a lasting impression on him and have the potential to help just about any practice.

Taking ProDrive for a spin


Photo: ProDrive

Make a better impression on everyone

Dentistry has always been a profession that keeps us in fairly close proximity to our patients. We’re constantly working in their personal space, doing something the patient cannot see and working in a manner that doesn’t allow them to talk to us. I think that’s probably why many patients feel stressed about dentistry.

Filtering the light

As dentists and hygienists, we’re blessed to be in such a wonderful profession. Dentistry has an amazing track record of innovation that has improved the lives of our patients in amazing ways. The best part is we continue to innovate and find ways to make our treatment easier, more predictable, and longer lasting. Those are great benefits to our patients.