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Lisa Newburger, LISW-S
Lisa Newburger, a master's level social worker supervisor, helps audiences find humor in talking about tough topics. Her "in-your-face" style of presentations and writing will make you smile or just shock you into taking some action. Either way, she is very effective at empowering others to reach their goals and feel better about themselves. Her entertaining workshops are available for national and international audiences. Writing for the dental industry since 2010, she uses an alterego (Diana Directive) to illustrate her points in a sarcastic but effective way. Presentations can be scheduled by contacting Lisa at
What is the first impression your new dental patient has of you?
What is the first impression your new dental patient has of you?
What is your patient thinking when he or she first meets you? I hate to say it, but you need to think about this. What do you see when you look in that proverbial mirror? Here are three categories to keep in mind when making a first impression.
Why your boss is lucky to have you as a part of the dental practice
Why your boss is lucky to have you as a part of the dental practice
You all think it, but it is taboo to say out loud … so I will do the talking for you.
How you often react (and how you should react) when you're fired from the dental practice
“Your job is being eliminated!” Those are words you never dream you’ll hear … but this is reality and you are really hearing, “You’re fired.” Your first thoughts are of shock. Why are they eliminating my job? I don’t get it. I work hard, get here on time, play nice with the other girls, and MY job is the one being eliminated? Are they joking? We all know that the “slacker” should be canned … and that’s not me!
8 important etiquette rules for the chronic cell phone user
Busted! It just isn’t fair! What is the problem with me being on my phone at work? I like to get paid to be on my phone, handling my affairs. It isn’t like I am the only person on the planet who does this.
3 non-financial ways to prepare for retirement
Retirement. How is your spouse/partner going to put up with you when “that” time comes? Here’s a more important question: What will you do with your time without patients, an overflowing
The nasty truth about sexual harassment in the dental practice

Have you ever been sexually harassed? I am not talking about the workmen down the street who whistle at you when you walk by (but, that is harassment as well). What I am talking about is whether you have ever been uncomfortable with something your boss said or did to you in the dental practice.

The myth of work-life balance? It's nonsense, says one dental hygienist

Readers, I need your help (I am not bluffing). I have a friend who is a hygienist who shared this with me. What would you say?