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Jill Nesbitt
Jill Nesbitt is a practice administrator & dental consultant piloting a comprehensive dental staff training program in Nashville after managing a group practice with seven dentists, 20 staff, and 18 operatories for 16 years. Jill has an MBA and writes a weekly blog, Jill is passionate about helping other office managers develop their careers and helping their dentists run successful businesses through her consulting practice.
The changing role of the dental office manager

“So, what do you do?”

Beware the unclaimed funds audit

In this month’s From the Office Manager’s Desk column, Jill Nesbitt describes her practice’s experience with an unclaimed funds audit and explains why it’s important for every practice to have an organized system to handle patient refunds.

How to use your ledger to improve case acceptance

As part of DPR’s From The Office Manager’s Desk Series, Jill Nesbitt tells you how to use your ledger to manage and increase case acceptance in your office.

The top 12 things I learned at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting


As part of DPR’s From the Office Manager’s Desk series, Jill Nesbitt tells us what products she’s most excited about after this year’s Midwinter Meeting.


From the Office Manager’s Desk: 5 tips to help you increase production for the specialist in your office

Do you have a specialist practicing part time in your office? Most specialists these days are traveling to more than one office to increase their productivity by reaching out to new patient populations. This approach works!