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Tim McNeely, CFP, CIMA
Tim has spent his entire working life as a financial advisor but the only that that really matters is meeting his wife, Dana Yeoman D.D.S. In the process of joining lives together Tim learned what the life of a dentist is like. Seeing his wife's frustration with the complexity of running a dental practice he set out to make things simple. Since meeting his wife Tim has advised hundreds of dentists on wealth management issues that dentists face. Tim is CEO of LifeStone Wealth Management - An Dental Only Wealth Management Firm that works with a limited number of dentists for whom he can have a significant impact. He has also been recognized as a “Best Financial Advisors for Dentists” by Dental Products Report in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. He and Dana enjoy exploring California’s wine country, a good single malt, and raising standard poodles. Tim can be reached at [email protected] or 855-FIN-XRAY (855-346-9729)
Premium Content: Concerned about your financial health?
Worried? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Immobilized? You may have had one or several of these reactions to the economic downturn of the past few years or as you think about selling your practice in the next few years. You might be asking what your next steps should be. Maybe you don’t have a financial advisor, or if you do, you might wonder if your current plan—or advisor—is really the best for you.
7 good reasons to borrow money
When used correctly, debt can be a powerful tool that can grow your business and vastly improve your quality of life. When used incorrectly, it can become a weight around your shoulders, holding you back as you attempt to grow and expand.