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Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA
Bruce Bryen is a certified public accountant with over 40 years of experience and is a part of RKG Tax & Business Services LLP, an affiliate or Robin Kramer & Green, with offices in Marlton, New Jersey and Fort Washington, Pa. He specializes in deferred compensation, such as retirement planning design; income and estate tax planning; determination of the proper organizational business structure; asset protection and structuring loan packages for presentation to financial institutions. He is experienced in providing litigation support services to dentists with Valuation and Expert Witness testimony in matrimonial and partnership dispute cases. He is also a financial writer for several dental journals. You may contact him at 215-641-8300 ext 123 or at [email protected], or through
Special request dental practice valuations: Their purpose and their cost
Special request dental practice valuations: Their purpose and their cost
There are many sources for dental practice valuations prepared for a buyer or a seller of a dental practice to assist in determining the asking price, size of the practice, background information, and infrastructure, among other important details.
Divorce and the financial toll on the dental practice
Divorce and the financial toll on the dental practice
What is the financial result when the goodwill intangible value is less than the tangible value of a dental practice? What spousal rights emanate from this type of dental practice valuation result?
How to keep dental practice disputes under control

No one wants to be involved in a dispute that disrupts the normal flow of business to the dental practice. Disputes harm dentists financially and emotionally and cause turmoil within the practice among employees, owners and patients.

Growth through acquisition

Now that you have your team in place, your next step is to find the dental practice. There are practices for sale throughout the country but the pricing is now increasing due to a number of factors such as the economy and the fact that dental practices are very stable financially so that dentists are not selling as readily as in the past. Many dentists have lost considerable money in their retirement plans and also can not afford to retire for that reason as well since their savings have been depleted.

Independent contractor vs. employee

The status of an individual working for someone can be that of an independent contractor or an  employee. Sometimes, businesses hire other businesses to perform services and at times, the term “outsourcing” is used. This term describes the transfer of responsibility to others for the performance of the service in question.  It limits the responsibility to the business needing the service and shifts its responsibility to others and away from the enterprise in question needing the service to be completed.