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Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA
Bruce Bryen is a certified public accountant with over 40 years of experience and is a part of RKG Tax & Business Services LLP, an affiliate or Robin Kramer & Green, with offices in Marlton, New Jersey and Fort Washington, Pa. He specializes in deferred compensation, such as retirement planning design; income and estate tax planning; determination of the proper organizational business structure; asset protection and structuring loan packages for presentation to financial institutions. He is experienced in providing litigation support services to dentists with Valuation and Expert Witness testimony in matrimonial and partnership dispute cases. He is also a financial writer for several dental journals. You may contact him at 215-641-8300 ext 123 or at [email protected], or through
Associate agreements

You’ve found the right associate to work in the practice and to assist in its growth. There are many issues to be settled to ensure that the associate has accepted the parameters of the job description reflective of the compensation, benefits and responsibilities agreed upon. To protect the owner and the associate, these points should be in writing and executed by the parties so when questions arise, the agreement can be reviewed and answers found without the necessity for litigation because of the vague nature of a contract.

Selling your practice?

Creating a successful dental practice can take years of hard work. Your professional skills, relationships with patients and business ability surely assist in bringing the practice to the high level of professionalism necessary for determining if it is the appropriate time to sell it.

Practice growth through acquisition

Dentists know how difficult and time consuming it is to grow their practices through marketing efforts, hard work, excellent service and building their reputations over the years. Some dentists have found an additional method for practice growth that has similarities to an investment model growth in public companies.

A little harder these days

Financing in today’s economic environment is incredibly more difficult than before the current financial meltdown. In the past, a reasonable credit score, a passable amount of income and a good concept, such as buying a dental practice, would guarantee a dentist the ability to secure financing at a competitive interest rate with a fair term for the repayment schedule.

Refinancing your dental practice

You have effectively worked to keep your costs as low as they can possibly be. Your ability to use home equity lines at cheap rates have allowed you to save substantial money when borrowing for your practice needs rather than using commercial bank rates and terms for the practice.