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Jameson Management
Easy ways to improve customer service skills [VIDEO]

If you provide impeccable dental care, why does customer service matter so much? Jameson Management says patients need more in a dental experience than just great care.

9 steps to effectively advertise new services for a higher profit [VIDEO]

Let's say you've decided recently to offer a new service to your patients. Maybe you are offering E4D CAD/CAM technology that you are excited about; however, your patients don’t even know you have this slick new CAD/CAM unit.

4 steps to handling negative online reviews and posts [VIDEO]

You may have been reluctant to enter the social media world because you’re worried someone may post something negative about you. Or maybe there is that one bad review on a website that you cringe at the thought of. 

How to harness the power of relationship building for dental practice success [VIDEO]

Building relationships of trust and value is something we all work to do each and every day. It is through these actions that our relationships become stronger, deeper and allow both parties to achieve greater success. 

How to make your hygiene department profitable [VIDEO]

More than one doctor has come to Jameson Management and said, "I know that I need a hygiene department, but I am frustrated because it seems to be costing me more than it is making me. The costs are so high—salaries, equipment, supplies.”

Let's look at six specific ways to make the hygiene department excellent:

5 questions to ask before considering an associate [VIDEO]

There are numerous reasons why a doctor might decide to invite an associate into their practice, such as ...

E-Newsletters: Reach your patients wherever they are [VIDEO]

Increase your bottom line with these e-newsletter tips and tricks in this week’s Morning Huddle video.