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Greta Lieske
Having trouble opening .DEX files? Here’s some help.

Do you routinely receive digital image files as .DEX attachments you and the office struggle to open? You’re not alone. But, don’t fret. There are troubleshoots to handle those tricky file extensions.

Dr. Lou Graham: Why he loves CariVu™ and radiation-free digital imaging with transillumination

Dr. Lou Graham, DDS, is all about new dental technology and how the industry changes with new advancements.

How the phone can make or break your marketing efforts [VIDEO]

When it comes to improving marketing for your dental practice, the office phone may be the last place you think to start. But if you want to grow your practice, it may be the hidden key to success.

Webinar: How all-tissue lasers enhance the traditional dental model

In this Guide to All-Tissue Dental Lasers webinar, Dr. Howard Golan, DDS, JD, MWCLI, FIADFE, will explore integrative dentistry with all-tissue lasers and how they can enhance the traditional dental model.

Webinar: How near-infrared transillumination can change caries detection and efficiency in your practice

What can DEXIS CariVu do for your practice? Get first-hand advice from Dr. Justin D. Moody.

Webinar: Learn how to successfully implement new electronic health record software

It’s easy to get good electronic health record (EHR) software, but according to Mike Uretz of, unless it’s implemented correctly you’re still going to have problems.

How to handle daily pain in the dental office before it becomes chronic [VIDEO]

If you’re dealing with daily aches and pain during the work day, Timothy Caruso has some tips for you.

Top financial mistakes most dentists are making [VIDEO]

Tim McNeely, CFP, CIMA, says financial planning and dentistry are more similar than most people probably think. It wasn’t until McNeely married a dentist that he discovered the similarities.

Webinar: Find out why going digital is critical to the future of your lab

As part of a webinar series sponsored by Core3dcentres—designed to help educate labs in the latest industry movements and trends—Dental Lab Products Editor Ryan Hamm sat down with Michael Brost, vice president of sales for Core3dcentres, to discuss the first webinar and why it’s important for the labs out there to get involved.