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Amy Bowman
How AADOM helps office managers be their best
How AADOM helps office managers be their best
When you meet Office Manager Krista Smith and her mother, Dr. Shelley Shults, it’s clear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Over the course of the past 15 years working together in dentistry, they’ve become inseparable.
On a mission: How one dentist is educating patients
On a mission: How one dentist is educating patients
For Nancy Shelton, DDS, attending her nephew’s graduation ceremony at Loma Linda University last spring was an emotional event. Not only because of the pride she felt for her nephew but also because she recognized that it had been 40 years since she had donned a cap and gown, taking part in Loma Linda’s dental school graduation ceremony herself.
The importance of mentorship in dentistry
The importance of mentorship in dentistry
For many professionals working in industries across the board, having a mentor was vital in helping them get from where they were to where they wanted to be.
How Patterson Dental streamlined the startup process for one new practice
Patterson allowed one new practice to focus on the important things - people, friends and community.
Why these dentists believe CEREC is the wave of the future

When doctors Steven W. Ozer and Anne Norris-Ozer built a new dental practice just three blocks from the ocean in Manhattan Beach, Calif., they took the advice of the experts. They not only built a new and improved practice, they incorporated technology by purchasing a CEREC, which Steven calls “the wave of the future.” 

How the right practice management software helps one dental practice rock and roll

Since 2003, Laura Hatch and her husband, dentist Anthony Hatch, have been rocking dentistry. When they opened the doors at their Maryland practice, they chose a rock-and-roll theme that has carried over to their new practice in San Diego, Scripps Rock Dental, which they opened in 2008.

The top 5 tips for starting your own practice

Opening a practice can be a daunting task full of many unknowns. One practitioner shares her top tips for making the process easier.

One dental office manager's philosophy: Set the course and get out of the way

"So, how do you put a geeky germophobe to good use? Make him the office manager."

A dentist revitalized by CEREC and Galileos

For Rich Cooper, DDS, starting his own dental practice had its challenges. When he opened West Loop Dental Associates in Chicago, Ill., in 2000, he realized how difficult it is to attract patients to a new practice versus buying a practice with an existing patient base. Despite the difficulty getting off the ground, he and his staff were highly motivated and excited about the work they were doing.

What to look for in an associateship

When graduating from dental school, many graduates know a great deal about their topic of study, but very little about where to go with all the knowledge they’ve gained. For recent graduates, finding the right dental practice may require some effort, but the payoff can be great. Finding a practice that offers the things you need to learn and grow in the profession can boost your career and help you reach your goals.