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Naomi Cooper
Naomi Cooper is President of Minoa Marketing and CEO and CEO and co-founder of Doctor Distillery. Naomi is a respected dental marketing executive, strategist, consultant, author, speaker and industry opinion leader. With over 16 years in the dental industry, she has helped leading companies across the dental industry consistently create tangible results for their marketing efforts aimed at the dental professional. Naomi also blogs regularly at For more information about Doctor Distillery, email [email protected] or visit
How to "no" your way to dental marketing success
How to "no" your way to dental marketing success
Remember the Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man? In it, Carrey’s character is challenged to say “yes” to everything that he’s presented with. Of course, embellishments abound, craziness ensues and he ultimately realizes the value of the word “no.” While this may just be the plot of a fictional Hollywood movie, there’s a lesson here for dentists: Don’t say yes to every opportunity, especially when it comes to dental marketing.
Goodwill hunting: Branding and tax implications
When it comes to transition or retirement, dentists have several options. They can sell their practices, find associates or simply throw their hands up and reduce office hours and production until they end up closing shop.
Top tips for designing a modern dental practice website

We’ve all experienced the most modern of exercises in frustration: Trying to pull up a website that has not been optimized for the mobile experience from a smartphone.

7 steps to creating dental practice videos
7 tips for using social media to reach patients of all ages

Social media has forever changed American culture.

Sticky situations: How to handle a negative online review of your dental practice
Sticky situation: Managing social media for the dental practice
Dental wisdom: 3 threats to private practice today
How to focus website and SEO efforts for success in 2015

Remember when the must-do item on the dental marketing checklist was yellow pages advertising? Well, times have certainly changed. According to Google, 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online, and that includes dental patients. If today’s patients are online, then that is clearly where dentists need to be. Here’s a checklist for your online marketing efforts as we near 2015.

The importance of becoming a digital dentist
The importance of becoming a digital dentist
Being prepared for change, keeping the audience in mind, staying committed to the plan and working with industry experts are four of the essential skills dentists need to get the best bang for their digital marketing dollar.