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Annemarie Mannion
The true science fiction of future dentistry
The true science fiction of future dentistry
Exploring the future of cutting-edge technology and what it will mean for the dental industry.
Dental office advertising

Picture this: A poster featuring a boy in old-fashioned short pants and with a bandaged face scrawling “Liar” in chalk on the wall of a dental office with a sign that reads “Painless Dentist.”

Dental Implant Guide: What you need to know about implant advances

Whether surgically placing or just restoring, many of you are getting more into implants. Here, we explain why and offer some tips to help ensure you’re successful.

The Best of the Legacy Laboratories Web Series

Our popular Legacy Laboratories Web Series profiled family-owned businesses throughout the year, capturing the histories of some of the most unique labs around. Here is a chance for you to revisit some of the featured labs that captured your attention in 2012.

Chicago dentists fix up beaten WWII vet with free dentures

When 88-year-old World War II veteran Porter B. Cross arrived at Zizic Dental to be fitted for a new set of dentures, his face was still swollen and the inside of his mouth was bruised.

NADL provides disaster relief for dental labs affected by Superstorm Sandy

For dental labs devastated by Superstorm Sandy, there is help available. The National Association of Dental Laboratories is providing disaster relief in amounts of up to $800 per lab.

Lab operators from throughout the country, some of whom have weathered previous hurricanes, tornados, floods and other disasters in other parts of the country, are stepping in now to make donations to the NADL Relief Fund and showing it’s possible despite enormous odds to rise again.

Halloween Candy Buyback Program encourages good dental health for kids

The negative effects to teeth following trick-or-treating on Halloween will be lessened again this year thanks to dentists from across the nation who are participating in the ninth annual Halloween Candy Buyback program.

Meet one of the Science Cheerleaders: Heather Crockett-Washington, DDS

Before Heather Crockett-Washington was a dentist, she was a professional cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team. 

Legacy Laboratories: ArTech Dental Ceramics

ArTech Dental Ceramics' name says it all. It reflects the mission of this small, family-owned, Fort Collins, Colo. based dental lab, which is to combine art and technology to produce esthetically pleasing and functional restorations.

More than 30 dental practices were affected by Colorado wildfire, Dr. Mark Albers tells his story

The wildfire that raged through Colorado Springs, Colo., this summer destroyed the houses of hundreds of people including two dentists who practice in the metropolitan area of more than 650,000 people.