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Danny Bobrow, MBA
Want to increase your net? Cast a broader one!

As the distinction between oral and overall health continues to blur, the opportunity to develop patient referral sources from both within and outside of dentistry continues to expand.

Referrals from health professionals outside dentistry

Marketing Insider: On the importance of fixing it even if it ain't broke

If you think your current level of attention to the needs of your patients, both current and prospective is 'good enough,' think again.

Marketing Insider: Making a difference

If someone were to tell you they knew about a powerful practice building tool that involves no selling, costs little (or nothing) to implement, enhances patient loyalty, encourages referrals, attracts new patients, builds team morale, makes a positive difference for those in need, is repeatable, and lots of fun, would you want to learn more?

Marketing Insider: Have a plan


Example of direct mail campaign tracking program

There are many elements to a marketing plan you can track with TTN (tracking telephone numbers). Here’s a sample marketing plan and how you can track the results.

Are you ready for the next wave in dentistry?

The history of the public's perception of dentistry may be viewed as consisting of three waves. I like to describe the first wave with the term "Feel Well Dentistry."  During this wave, dentists were perceived as first and foremost who to call to get you out of tooth pain. 

Marketing Insider: Emergent opportunity

With the economic prosperity of the eighties, and advances in esthetic dentistry and technology, many dentists became of the opinion that treating new patient emergencies was a waste of the dentist’s and team’s time.

Symptomatic of this is what one heard when calling such a dental practice after hours:

“If you are a patient of record with an extreme dental emergency you may call xxx-yyy-zzzz.”

New patients were deliberately discouraged from calling.

Marketing Insider: The e-volution will not be televised

2009 was a year filled with opportunity and challenge (more of the latter than some may have preferred).  As the pace of change continues to accelerate, we should expect no shortage of challenge and opportunity in 2010.

Much of this opportunity for growth will continue to be found online, specifically, in the area of reputation management. The challenge will lay largely in trying to keep up without being distracted from what you find fulfilling and profitable.

Marketing Insider: Don't ditch your marketing plan

Don’t ditch your marketing plan

Saving money is always important, especially in today’s economic climate, but remember, a good marketing plan can make you money in the long run.

Principles of effective direct mail, Part II

In our last Issue, we introduced and discussed the components of a successful direct mail campaign, included a Planning Checklist, and shared some of the more profitable target audiences, going into some detail about the pros and cons of targeting new residents.

Marketing Insider: Success with Web-based marketing Part I

Value Defined?

We all want and deserve to receive value for our investment. Value can mean different things to different people. One might value getting his or her website up and running quickly, while another might be more exacting and patient. One practice might value appearance more highly than function. Still another might prefer quantity over quality of website visitors.

Whatever your preferences, know what constitutes reasonable expectations, not only from your finished* product, but also from the process.