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    5 modern methods for reaching moms in your market

    Key tips for making your dental practice more appealing to a most powerful audience.

    Much has been written about marketing to moms, and for good reason. Moms are a powerful demographic, with many dentists considering women with kids their key target. But in recent years, a subset of moms has started to form—the Millennial Mom—and this group is only going to explode in the coming years. How well prepared is your practice to reach the Millennial Moms in your community?

    Understanding the Millennial Mom mindset

    Millennial moms are incredibly tech savvy. They are 38 percent more likely than the average population to own a smartphone, spend an average of three to four hours per day on their phone, and report their phone is rarely, if ever, out of arms reach.

    Lady with babyThey group grew up playing video games, graduated high school in the 2000s and don’t think twice about using iPads or sending text messages. Millennial Moms use YouTube as a search engine. 76 percent are on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and 81 percent of Millennial Moms form an opinion of a company based on social media presence.

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    And while the Millennial Mom demographic is guaranteed to only get more powerful in time, it’s important to remember not to completely ignore other subsets of moms: Boomer moms. Single moms. New moms. There’s an infinite number of labels but what remains constant across moms of all ages and at all stages in their lives is this: They’re smart. They’re educated. They want what’s best for their families and will settle for nothing less. And they’re the primary decision health care decision makers of their households, so it’s in a dentist’s best interest to tailor his/her marketing accordingly.

    Modern moms are plugged in, which means dentists need to be too. For dentists looking to attract more moms, it’s a worthy investment to focus the marketing dollars on digital strategies. Here are three of the most crucial online elements for any dentist’s marketing plan (as well as a couple of offline strategies that should not be ignored!).

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    Naomi Cooper
    Naomi Cooper is President of Minoa Marketing and CEO and CEO and co-founder of Doctor Distillery. Naomi is a respected dental marketing ...


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