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    7 ways to avoid becoming a HIPAA horror story

    You've heard the terrifying stories of HIPAA-compliance failures and the havoc they can cause for a practice... but how can you ensure it doesn't happen to you?


    Cyber criminal

    If there’s a breach, you must report it

    Don’t ignore it or hope it goes away. By law, you must report any breach, including the nature of the incident, the unauthorized person(s) who had access to the information, whether it was actually viewed, and what has been done to remedy the situation. If the breach affected more than 500 individuals, you must notify the media serving your local area.

    Technology has brought us greater convenience and efficiency but it also can expose us to greater risks. Use these seven tips to tighten your HIPAA procedures and better protect your practice from potential violations.

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    Dr. Roger P. Levin
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