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The 20 most bizarre new ICD-10 codes
The 20 most bizarre new ICD-10 codes October 1, 2015 marks the deadline for the transition to the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), which will introduce a whole new set of codes for dental and medical practices nationwide.
Be a part of Eaglesoft’s 21st birthday at the CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration To commemorate its launch 21 years ago, Eaglesoft Practice Management System is celebrating its 21st birthday at the CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas on September 17-19.
Henry Schein announces release of Dentrix G6 Henry Schein, Inc. has announced the release of Dentrix® G6, the latest version of the dental practice management software. Dentrix G6 offers customers new features that enhance the user experience and enable practitioners to adopt paperless practices.   
5 ways to impress your dental patients (from me, your patient) When I moved to New York, I was still on the insurance plan of my company, which was headquartered in Oklahoma. What was a great benefits package in Oklahoma was slim pickins in New York City, and I was forced to choose between two or three dentists within all five boroughs who would accept my insurance. Naturally, I chose the one closest to me (after checking his Yelp reviews, of course).
The three most underused technologies in your practice Technology is a great investment for your practice as long as you use it. Using it, however, sometimes proves to be a tougher prospect than one would think. Too many times today’s excellent investment becomes tomorrow’s dusty clutter in the corner.
Everything you need to know about intraoral sensors Digital sensors are extremely reliable and provide images that are incredibly diagnostic and high-resolution. They are basically a chip, similar to what you would find in a digital camera, encased in a hard plastic covering that’s sealed to prevent damage from any type of liquid.
Why dental practices need annual practice management software training There was a time when the purchase of a new piece of software came with a user’s manual the size of a phone book. Now, both phone books and instruction manuals are all but extinct. Instruction duties have been transferred to trainers, online classrooms and tutorials. Unfortunately many dentists don’t take advantage of training opportunities, which is a big mistake.
Do we really need an extension on the New York ePrescribing mandate? As most of you are aware at this point, there is a mandate for all providers in New York State to begin prescribing electronically (eRX) beginning March 27, 2015.
How the right practice management software helps one dental practice rock and roll Since 2003, Laura Hatch and her husband, dentist Anthony Hatch, have been rocking dentistry. When they opened the doors at their Maryland practice, they chose a rock-and-roll theme that has carried over to their new practice in San Diego, Scripps Rock Dental, which they opened in 2008.
Emerging trends in practice management software solutions for dental practices Dentists know any successful practice management solution is going to be a digital one.