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A need for speed: Dentrix takes practice management on the road For Dr. Todd Snyder of Laguna Niguel, Calif., speed is essential … not only in his dental practice, but also in his race car that he keeps just outside of Las Vegas.
Introducing The PPO AnalyzerGreat Minds, Inc., and Rae Dental Management have launched a new product for dental practices looking for statistics to help make better decisions about their PPO dental plans. The PPO Analyzer for Dentrix is an easy-to-use report that gives the office a snapshot of how their PPO dental plans are affecting their practices’ productivity and profitability.
Cloudy with a chance of computing In the last couple of years, almost every tech lover, from the casual user to the hardcore gear head, has been inundated with a serious dose of “The Cloud”.  
Exclusive first look: The top 3 features of Dentrix G6 [VIDEO]During the recent Henry Schein Practice Solutions technology summit in Park City, Utah, Dental Products Report got a sneak peek at some of the new products that will be coming out in late 2014 and early 2015, including Dentrix G6.
Top 5 things every dental practice should track [VIDEO]   When I first introduce the topic of tracking software to dental practices, there are two responses I frequently encounter. Dental team members often think, “Oh no, it’s Big Brother,” while dentists wonder what a product like OnTrack can do that their existing practice management software cannot.   
The 3 most common battles within the dental practice ... and how to overcome themWorking as a consultant to dental practices around the country, I have seen way too many times a solid dental business torn apart at the seams because of inner struggles. In this article, I want to expose the three most common battles I have seen, as well as offer my suggestions on how to eliminate those problems if you’re currently struggling with them.
How to succeed with implementation of dental practice management software [VIDEO]I recently did a podcast with Dayna Johnson, a practice management consultant and dental software implementation and training expert with Rae Dental Management. In the podcast, we discussed best practices and how to succeed with a dental software implementation.
Double Take on Curve Dental: "It is by far the shortest learning curve of any practice management software I have used..." A challenge faced by any business today is how to do more with less. It’s not different in the dental industry.
4 things dental practitioners need to know about the Heartbleed bugAs you may have already heard, there’s a new bug called Heartbleed that lets attackers read the memory of a server of client, allowing them to retrieve private keys and other sensitive information.  Read on to find out 4 things you need to know about the Heartbleed bug to make sure your dental practice is protected.
How Dentrix Ascend accommodates the management needs of any dental office
How Dentrix Ascend accommodates the management needs of any dental officeWith a fresh, new interface, Dentrix Ascend cloud-based practice management solution is said to pack the most advanced clinical, front office and business management capabilities into an easy and intuitive user experience.