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Why dental practices need annual practice management software training There was a time when the purchase of a new piece of software came with a user’s manual the size of a phone book. Now, both phone books and instruction manuals are all but extinct. Instruction duties have been transferred to trainers, online classrooms and tutorials. Unfortunately many dentists don’t take advantage of training opportunities, which is a big mistake.
Do we really need an extension on the New York ePrescribing mandate? As most of you are aware at this point, there is a mandate for all providers in New York State to begin prescribing electronically (eRX) beginning March 27, 2015.
How the right practice management software helps one dental practice rock and roll Since 2003, Laura Hatch and her husband, dentist Anthony Hatch, have been rocking dentistry. When they opened the doors at their Maryland practice, they chose a rock-and-roll theme that has carried over to their new practice in San Diego, Scripps Rock Dental, which they opened in 2008.
Emerging trends in practice management software solutions for dental practices Dentists know any successful practice management solution is going to be a digital one.
10 things you should be using in Eaglesoft but probably aren’tWhen leveraged effectively, Eaglesoft can make a dentist’s job easier and take away many stresses of running a practice. But with so many tools available in the program, it can sometimes be difficult to use each one effectively. Below I’ve listed 10 tools in Eaglesoft that every dental practice should be using:
12 questions to ask before investing in new practice management softwareSelecting the right practice management software for your practice is one of the most important decisions you will make. 
How DentiMax practice management software improves efficiency for today’s clinician When Dr. Anita Burkholder, MD, helped her husband, Dr. Rich Burkholder, DDS, set up his new dental practice in Newport Beach, Calif., she advised him to go electronic with his health records. She knew it was essential to embrace the future of dental practice management.
A need for speed: Dentrix takes practice management on the road For Dr. Todd Snyder of Laguna Niguel, Calif., speed is essential … not only in his dental practice, but also in his race car that he keeps just outside of Las Vegas.
Introducing The PPO AnalyzerGreat Minds, Inc., and Rae Dental Management have launched a new product for dental practices looking for statistics to help make better decisions about their PPO dental plans. The PPO Analyzer for Dentrix is an easy-to-use report that gives the office a snapshot of how their PPO dental plans are affecting their practices’ productivity and profitability.
Cloudy with a chance of computing In the last couple of years, almost every tech lover, from the casual user to the hardcore gear head, has been inundated with a serious dose of “The Cloud”.