Top 10 tips from the old guy to recent dental school graduates
Top 10 tips from the old guy to recent dental school graduatesI practiced dentistry for 44 years, most of that in private practice. I was able to grow my practice to the top five percent of solo practices in the U.S. in the last five years I practiced. practice to the top five percent of solo practices in the U.S. in the last five years I practiced. I studied with the masters, and had the best consultants in the business help me attain my practice success.
8 important etiquette rules for the chronic cell phone userBusted! It just isn’t fair! What is the problem with me being on my phone at work? I like to get paid to be on my phone, handling my affairs. It isn’t like I am the only person on the planet who does this.
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24 practice management ideas to improve your dental practice ... in 90 seconds or lessWhat happens when the greatest minds in the dental consulting industry get together? The answer is an amazing weekend of brainstorming and sharing about the current and future states of the dental industry.
HR Hot Topics: Can you send your dental employees home without pay?What’s a dentist to do when faced with 25-40 percent open time in the schedule? It seems that lately doctors are responding to this challenge by adjusting employee work schedules or sending employees home early. While I believe there is a better response, we’ll discuss that in a future blog post. For now, we’ll focus on the employee compensation issue.
The 5 most commonly forgotten things about HIPAA Technological advances have given healthcare professionals the ability to correspond efficiently with medical professionals, specialists and consultants. This not only allows doctors to provide patients with the care they deserve, but also appropriate for their medical needs. These technological advances however, create concerns for patients if doctors and staff are not guarding their information.
The nasty truth about sexual harassment in the dental practice Have you ever been sexually harassed? I am not talking about the workmen down the street who whistle at you when you walk by (but, that is harassment as well). What I am talking about is whether you have ever been uncomfortable with something your boss said or did to you in the dental practice.
3 ways staff conflict is costing you patients
From 1 to 50, the best and worst states to work in a dental practiceFor many of us, we’re pretty partial to where we live and work. We think it’s a great place with a lot of great features. Maybe you love that you’re close to the mountains or ocean. Maybe you love the big-city vibe or the small-town feel. Maybe you think this is the best place to raise a family or the best place to be single and free. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the place where you were born and raised and you can’t imagine living anywhere else.
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