The secret answers to better telephone skillsAll your marketing dollars go to waste if your secretary isn’t well-trained to handle new patient phone calls. You may invest thousands in direct mail, website upgrades or tens of thousands in television commercials because you need new patients.
Want to improve case acceptance?Think like an advertiser. Incorporating these three common advertising themes into your treatment presentations can help get your patients to ‘yes.’
Want to increase your net? Cast a broader one!As the distinction between oral and overall health continues to blur, the opportunity to develop patient referral sources from both within and outside of dentistry continues to expand. Referrals from health professionals outside dentistry
Effective Practice Marketing in the 24-7 Digital Age DentistryThe new paradigm introduced by the Internet has drastically and fundamentally changed how consumers seek, evaluate and communicate with service providers. Google, Bing and Yelp have replaced the Yellow Pages as the lead sources of information. Word-of-mouth and referrals have transformed from neighborly conversations to Web communications through social media channels such as blogs, Facebook and YouTube. These changes have impacted all industries and dentistry isn’t immune to these transitions.
Marketing your CAD/CAM systemFrequently, I find I have to convince dentists that their technology plays an important role in their practice marketing. The fact is, technology has huge marketing implications—especially for dentists who have added CAD/CAM technology, such as CEREC® or E4D, to their practice. While these types of devices are on the high end of equipment expenditure, they are also on the high end of consumer appeal. Quite simply, patients are eager to find ways to spend less time in the dentist’s office.
How to make an impact with your social media photosAs dental practice marketing completely transforms from the simplicity of running a few ads in the Yellow Pages to the complexity of updating your website and regularly contributing to social media, photographs are becoming more and more important to your practice.
From the Office Manager's Desk: The Office Manager’s role in social media marketingIn October 2010, I attended the American Dental Association’s annual conference in Orlando. Just a few months before, I started a Facebook page for our practice and was struggling to come up with new and interesting posts. So, while at the conference, I attended a presentation on Social Media to learn how to use Facebook to benefit the practice.
Internal marketing 101 Fred Joyal is CEO of 1?800-DENTIST and author of Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth. He can be reached at
Marketing Insider: Be a collaboratorFor those Baby Boomers (and older) the term is largely pejorative, owing to its association with those who aided the Axis Powers during World War II. But there is another side to the collaboration coin. It is synonymous with team work. 
Marketing Insider: Hitting home The concept of market segmentation has been a part of the marketing scene since long before the phrase was coined. Any time someone with something to sell (or say, for that matter), identified and spoke directly to “…a sub-set of a market made up of people or organizations with one or more characteristics that cause them to demand similar product and/or services based on qualities of those products such as price or function“* they employed a market segmentation strategy.