Goodwill hunting: Branding and tax implicationsWhen it comes to transition or retirement, dentists have several options. They can sell their practices, find associates or simply throw their hands up and reduce office hours and production until they end up closing shop.
Planning for per-patient production growthWise business leaders know that, before venturing into new territory, you first make the most of what you already have. For you as a practice leader, that means maximizing per-patient production.
How technology saves your practice time and moneyEvery practice has goals of increasing revenue and becoming more efficient. While it may seem overwhelming at first, trying to balance these items and finding the best way to increase your practice’s business while also saving time and money doesn’t have to be hard.
7 good reasons to borrow moneyWhen used correctly, debt can be a powerful tool that can grow your business and vastly improve your quality of life. When used incorrectly, it can become a weight around your shoulders, holding you back as you attempt to grow and expand.
7 questions to ask before hiring a financial advisor Before you make a decision to hire a new advisor, make sure to ask these seven questions so that you can better identify where the advisor works and what the advisor does.
How to time major purchases to improve your tax position
How to time major purchases to improve your tax positionIt might have felt like you just filed your business’s 2014 taxes, but the 2015 tax season is not too far away. If you intend to make any major purchases, it’s a good time to consider making them so that you can use the write-offs to your advantage.
Sticky situations: How does a dental hygienist or dental assistant ask for a raise?
Why now is the perfect time for your dental practice to examine its fees As we cross the midway point of the year, now is an excellent time for a dental practice to examine its fee structure and see what needs to be updated and improved, said Teresa Duncan, DPR’s insurance editor and a noted practice management consultant.
3 reasons to hire a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who specializes in working with dentists
Are dental practice values increasing or decreasing?
Are dental practice values increasing or decreasing?In comparing dental practice values across the country, there are a number of factors that are constant when determining that figure used to estimate the value for the practice in question.