The 10 worst ways dentists try to save money
The 10 worst ways dentists try to save moneyBenjamin Franklin famously opined, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” And while that chestnut of wisdom is certainly true as a guiding philosophy for success in life, it can be taken too literally. What may seem like smart cost savings measures can take a more deleterious toll on the doctor’s practice than doing it the right way in the first place.
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Divorce and the financial toll on the dental practiceWhat is the financial result when the goodwill intangible value is less than the tangible value of a dental practice? What spousal rights emanate from this type of dental practice valuation result?
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How to make your hygiene department profitable [VIDEO]More than one doctor has come to Jameson Management and said, "I know that I need a hygiene department, but I am frustrated because it seems to be costing me more than it is making me. The costs are so high—salaries, equipment, supplies.” Let's look at six specific ways to make the hygiene department excellent: