Patient Privacy & Security

Is your dental practice completely HIPAA compliant? As many of you are aware, patient privacy and data security has taken center stage over the past two decades. It started with HIPAA in 1996, then the HITECH Act in 2009 and the “final” HIPAA law, the Omnibus Rules, that were enacted in March 2013 with a September 2013 deadline. For many practices, the rules and regulations are a paradigm shift in how you need to practice.
HIPAA compliance and digital photography with personal mobile devices As technology continues to provide unparalleled advances and innovation, dental practices continue to change their methods for performing treatments, maintaining patient records and communication. 
5 reasons to use secure messaging from DataMotion in your dental practice DataMotion's secure messaging can have multiple benefits for a dental practice. Here are the top five: 
Dr. John Flucke's 10 dental practice predictions for 2015 Each year, Dr. John Flucke shares his predictions for emerging and continuing dental industry trends in the coming year. Here are his predictions for 2015.
MEA|NEA announces launch of FastVaults, new HIPAA-compliant data storage solution for dental practices MEA|NEA (National Electronic Attachment), provider of the FastAttach electronic claim attachment solution has launched its new HIPAA-compliant document and data storage solution, FastVaults. FastVaults is a cloud-based solution allowing for the remote storage of patient health data and other information pertinent to a dental practice’s operation, growth and success.
A new, FREE way to be HIPAA-compliant [VIDEO] Prehensile Software has launched OperaDDS, a new, free option for dental practice and dental lab communications.
LabStar's new, secure cloud-computing solution Recently, more and more labs have been switching to cloud-based management software. One of the options availble for labs is LabStar. We recently spoke with Jeffrey Noles, CEO of LabStar, about his company's innovations, why labs should turn to the cloud and how lab owners can be assured of online security.
The top 5 privacy pitfalls—and how to avoid them There are so many things to pay attention to in your dental laboratory that it can be easy to overlook something that can have a huge impact: privacy. If you don't keep an eye on some common privacy pitfalls, it can put your whole business in jeopardy.
Core3daCADemy announces new webinar and live event dates Core3dcentres has announced the next series of core3daCADemy CE events, including a new implant-based course in mid-September. The courses include both online webinars and in-person events at locations around North America.
Dr. John Flucke: Looking forward, looking back on dental technology predictions for 2014I was talking to my Group Editorial Director Kevin Henry the other day and he happened to mention that we are now closing in on the halfway point of 2014. Think about that for a minute, I’ll wait…