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    4 ways you may be wasting your dental consulting dollars

    Hiring a consultant can be very beneficial to your dental practice, but only if you commit to the process.

    Hiring a consultant in your practice is a big decision. You have to decide if you want someone you hardly know to have access to all of your practice, and often, your personal financial information. You have to feel a need for something to change in your practice, and that can be an emotional moment.

    Then there is that commitment to actually doing the hard work of preparing information for the consultant to examine. After that, there are meetings to discuss the findings.

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    Perhaps the hardest part is to hear the things you need to change to improve the practice. If that isn’t hard enough, then there is the execution of the changes suggested.

    Hiring a consultant is not cheap, so to get your money’s worth, I have a few suggestions about what pitfalls to avoid.

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    David Black
    Drawing on over 40 years of clinical experience, Dr. Black focuses on speaking and coaching through in-office consultation. Dr. Black ...


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