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    5 ways to be a better manager

    Employees can either be the best thing about your practice or your biggest liability - these tips can help you make them successful.


    Diverse group of employees

    How to create valuable partnerships between younger and older dentists

    The inexperienced dentist may see a wonderful opportunity with a mentor who has experience not just in the clinical side of the profession but also in the administrative part. Knowing management skills and having financial and business expertise is very much a part of the economics of dentistry.

    The partnership of the two age groups may be a wonderful relationship for each. The more mature and experienced dentist sees the energy of youth and the ability to work and learn so that the dental practice may grow and be respected by the community that it serves. It is also an excellent built-in exit strategy for the experienced and older dentist. With seminars and the recent state-of-the-art education of the younger dentist, the clinical piece of dentistry can be addressed and the patients should be happy. When the dentists speak to each other, they should certainly understand their professional language and work together to increase production and to learn from each other.

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