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    6 signs marketing your dental practice could be a waste of your time

    The key practice management areas to focus on before spending those hard-earned marketing dollars.


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    2. An ill-equipped front desk staff 

    The front desk team plays an all-important role in the marketing process. Patient phone calls – especially new patient phone calls – need to be handled delicately. And it certainly doesn’t do any good to ramp up external advertising if the staff isn’t equipped to identify new patient callers, answer questions effectively and gently but firmly guide them into new 

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    Think of those who answer the phones and greet patients as the welcoming committee for your practice. These individuals should not only have the natural skills necessary to do the job, such as charisma, poise and kindnewss, but they also must have received the proper verbal skills training to enable them to know how to say precisely the right thing to form instant relationships with patients, to effectively answer cost- and insurance-related questions, and to get new patients on the practice schedule. 


    Naomi Cooper
    Naomi Cooper is President of Minoa Marketing and CEO and CEO and co-founder of Doctor Distillery. Naomi is a respected dental marketing ...


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