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    3 tips for closing more patient phone calls

    Converting a phone call to a sale can be tricky, so here are three tips that can help.

    How many times do you receive phone calls from prospective patients and the patient decides not to schedule an appointment?

    According to industry surveys, 65 percent of people decide not to book a procedure with the first practice they call because of a poor customer experience. Most dental practices believe that they offer their patients a good first impression. However, the majority of practices report large numbers of calls and emails that don’t result in new patient business. The first phone call or communication with a potential patient is essential in building patient confidence.

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    Why do most patients decide not to book a procedure with a dental practice?

    1.     Inaccurate information from staff or lack of knowledge about their dental problem.

    2.     Dental clinic failed to reply in a timely manner or were unresponsive.

    3.     Long phone wait times: Patients were kept on hold for too long.

    4.     Dental staff was rude or poorly trained.

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    If you receive patient calls at your clinic, chances are that these patients are calling for one simple reason: they have a problem. They are calling you because they think that you can help them solve their problem. They are calling or emailing you NOW, because they want a solution now, not two days from now. Today’s patients know that there are plenty of other clinics that want their business. If you don’t respond to their needs quickly and efficiently, some other clinic will.

    So, how can your clinic close more patient leads? Continue to the next page to find out.


    Patrick Goodness
    Patrick Goodness is the CEO of The Goodness Company a global healthcare and dental marketing firm. He is one of the most recognized ...


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