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    Do you have a practice bully?

    Be prepared with a plan to address the situation before it spirals.

    Bullying. We hear so much about it in the news today. It's no longer the mean boys that beat up kids for their lunch money or even the mean girls that don't invite other girls to the mall.

    Now we have cyber bullying that has kids putting vile, vicious comments about other kids on social media sites. The word spreads like wildfire through all the “hangout” channels. It has such a negative effect on young impressionable minds, which has forced kids to change schools, drop out of school and, in some very sad cases, even led to death.

    Bullying, unfortunately, is not limited to kids. We see many adult bullies. I don't know if adult bullies were bullies as children or if being bullied as a child caused them to grow up to be bullies; however, it seems to be getting worse in the workplace.

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    What is bullying?

    Forms of bullying include:

    • The employee who is always right and never allows anyone to change a system, though his or her way is quite antiquated

    • Passive aggressive behavior that causes everyone to constantly look over their shoulder for the sabotage that will make them look bad, wrong or unethical

    • Yelling, screaming, demeaning, constantly correcting/monitoring or outright demoralizing others

    • Singling one person out of the pack to “pick on”


    The workplace becomes a hostile environment with a decrease in production due to the employees trying to avoid the bully or the inefficient systems that prevent growth in the company. A bully can select one person or can bully an entire team. The need to control a person or an environment seems to be the target of a bully. The methods that a bully takes are akin to that of a domestic abuser – picking the time, place or circumstance to be caring or kind and when to inflict pain, all of which is emotionally abusive.

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    Do you have a bully?

    How do you know if bullying is occurring in your office?

    • Is there one person that everyone — or most people — avoids?

    • Do you have someone who has suddenly become isolated?

    • Have you been told by an employee that they are being bullied?

    • Is there a decrease in production?

    • Do you hear verbal abuse or demeaning from one employee to another?


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    Denise Ciardello
    Denise Ciardello is a professional speaker, published author, and cofounder of Global Team Solutions, a practice management-consulting ...


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