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    3 tips for closing more patient phone calls

    Converting a phone call to a sale can be tricky, so here are three tips that can help.


    Improve staff training

    PhoneHow well trained are your receptionists or secretaries? Every member of your team should have the training to answer the most important questions posed by potential new patients. They should be able to answer questions about the services you offer and be able to provide details on pricing, materials, and the patient experience. Above all, your staff should know and understand your value proposition. What makes your practice different and better than anyone else? If your team can’t answer this question, it’s time for some in-depth staff training.

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    Here’s a test: Call your office line and pretend to be a new patient. What is your impression of your own team? Many dentists call their own offices and are amazed to find that their staff often comes across as rude, insensitive or just too busy to care. It is critical that you create a culture of kindness that puts the patient first, above all else. It’s not enough to be good dentists. We must first be good people.


    Patrick Goodness
    Patrick Goodness is the CEO of The Goodness Company a global healthcare and dental marketing firm. He is one of the most recognized ...


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