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    Top 10 strategies to enhance the power of your practice phone

    The phone is often the front line of your dental practice, so you want to ensure you're maximizing its potential.

    Almost 100 percent of your patient base/scheduling begins with your phone. Are you fully realizing this opportunity with every phone call? Vendors, wrong numbers, price shoppers—they all need dentists! Here are 10 tips to make sure you get the most out of every phone call.

    Answer the phone by the third ring

    Answer the phone by the third ring! If a call goes to voicemail during normal business hours, you want to return it within 10 minutes. What if you miss a call that doesn't leave a voicemail? Use your caller ID to return the call; let the caller know you apologize for missing their call and ask how may you assist them.

    Customize your greeting—and be consistent!

    Use your company brand to customize your greeting. Example: "It’s a great day at Family Dental, this is Mary Beth, how may I brighten your smile today?” Consistent, short, branded messaging that represents your practice. Be different than your competitors, but more importantly be memorable.

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    Change your voicemail daily

    Change your voicemail daily to reflect the current day. Communicate to the caller that they can expect a return call within 10 minutes. Don’t leave a long-winded message, detailing hours, lunch hours or press one for accounts, two for appointments—people hang up.

    Have a message tracker beside your phone to document messages left for immediate follow up, ensuring no one falls through the cracks. Document every message and when you return the patients call.

    Action taken:

    Patient response:

    Next Step:


    Anyone should be able to open a patient’s chart, have enough details to continue the last conversation and know what the next step is.

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    Service with a smile

    Be warm, friendly and engaging. Callers should feel you smiling. Being in a hurry can be perceived as rude, rushed or disrespectful. Slow down: Make it a goal to hear often how nice you are! If you don’t hear from patients how wonderful your greeting was or how nice you are, you might have some things to change.

    Use the patient’s name, often!

    May I ask whom I am speaking with?”


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    Mary Beth Bajornas
    Mary Beth brings real world tips for thinking beyond the “Front Desk” - placing the practice in the “Perpetual State of Preparedness”. ...


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