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    3 ways to handle an unmotivated employee

    Unmotivated employees can bring down a whole team, so addressing the problem quickly is important.

    Motivated employees are ones who love taking on a new idea and running with it. They are ones who are always looking for ways that they can contribute and help the office grow. If our entire teams could be made up of employees like this, every dentist and office manager would be happy to go to work each day.

    Bored womanUnfortunately, that is not always the case. Inevitably it happens that, either consistently or sporadically, a team member pushes back or is not as motivated as others on the team. Sometimes these team members were previously motivated but have lost that quality over time.

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    This issue can be made worse by the fact that dental offices tend to not run like most other businesses, with clear behavioral expectations and a hierarchical structure. Instead, many dental offices run more like a “family” than a business. This is fine when things are going well, but when things need to change or improve, simply “managing” a disgruntled family is not going to usually fix the problem.

    The real solution is to identify unmotivated employees as quickly as possible and deal with them on an individual basis, before their lack of motivation has a chance to infect the rest of the office.

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    Laura Hatch
    Laura Hatch is an Office Manager that has started and successfully grown two dental offices and is also the founder of Front Office ...


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